Thursday, 28 April 2011

Style crush.....Jessie J

Jessie J is Essex's  truest straight-talking star who is only going up in the world! After receiving the critics choice award at the 2011 BRIT AWARDS she was well and truly hailed the one to watch. Jessie has written several successful tracks for other singers, such as "Party in the U.S.A." for teen-pop sensation Miley Cyrus but after many a trials and tribulations she has finally broken through and has got everyone lusting after her debut album "who you are" which includes gritty tunes to give some raw girl-power such as  "do it like a dude" , more experimental tunes like big-band-esque  "Mama knows best" and fresh pop like "price tag" .

But it isn't just Jessie's music which has got the public eye watching her like a gossip starved journalist, Jessie's style is drawing attention as well. Her trademark skyscraper heels and jazzy tights are quickly establishing her as a style icon in the making! Jessie styles quite a lot of her outfits herself and when asked if she styled herself responded "I did!  I've got a personality." showing her confident spirit that the fashion and music worlds have come to know and love! Standing at 5ft 9" Jessie masters the stage wherever she is and  takes over in her various outfits 
"Even if it's 20 minutes I'll take control of it because that is my time. It's when I come to life. It's just me, my heels and my mic."
 Here are a few of my favorites from Jessie's various appearances........

Whilst I'm on the subject Anna Trevelyan styled Jessie in both "do it like a dude" and "no body's perfect" videos. she has the true grit that runs throughout Jessie's style and sees where originality becomes brilliance but also where it becomes ridiculous. Furthermore, she embraces change ....which is what Jessie is all about!

Anna's simple styling with a harsh corset.

Anna herself ... the ridiculous and the sublime

Overall, I think Jessie is one to watch and will enjoy watching the world try to run alongside her. I will leave you with a quote from Jessie herself......
"I feel ready, now steady and go are catching up with me."

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