Monday, 20 December 2010


Christmas is almost here and it looks like it may be set to be a white one after all this year!!!
But all this snow is rather messing up my outfits I have to say so I have been searching for some good snow shoes and discovered that really there is no excuse to let the snow play havoc with your wardrobe!
I was inspired by these fabulous girls on LOOKBOOK  who have completely conquered dressing for snow... but then I guess coming from Poland and Sweden may help with that!

I love their layering techniques and have fallen in love with their approach to snow boots. The second ones are my favorite as the fur adds extra warmth and softens an otherwise harsh boot.
French connection

Miss KG
I have been searching for my own and here are my three favorites, let me know what you think!...

Monday, 29 November 2010

90s legend Bryan Adams has made his comeback to the public eye!.......but this time he is going down the photography route and it seems to be paying off!
For his latest project he has teamed up with the Calvin Klien collection to take a series of photos of iconic American women. They are in stunning black and white and capture the traits of each woman which makes them iconic. The ladies look divine and of course all look like they could rule the world!
With subjects such as the legendary Jerry Hall, Renee Zellweger and Dree Hemingway the collection is bound to be a success and it is all in aid of the NYC AIDS fund!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas Dress!

As I am sure you are all aware by the endless decorations, lights carols out and about..... Christmas is once again upon us!
And there is no better time to invest in a gorgeous dress!
Personally, I have gone a little skimpier and brighter than my usual with this caped number from aqua!

But there are many amazing things going on for the festive season's partywear....
Think ankle boots, maxi dresses and chiffon. The timelessly stylish people at are telling us to flash a bit of back rather than leg this season! (that's my party dress  over then!) and finally, the most luxurious of all....the fur has definitely caught on and they would much sooner drape you in a cute gilet than a starched evening jacket!

Check out the fabulous people over at AQUA here:

Ad see all the trends for yourself:

Fashion crush!!

So they are not a new house, they date back to 1988, but for me they are!
I have just discovered the fabulous BADGLEY MISCHKA!
They claim that their essential style harks back to the elegant glamour of 1940s Hollywood and shows their interest in line with luxury and simplicity... and it shows! Their newest collection includes all the "finest fabrics" and intricate, luxurious details they rave about in their intro and gives us a feeling of floating through those breezy summer nights!

With a client list including the timelessly elegant Catherine Zeta Jones to the feisty Jenifer Lopez you would only expect the best.... and that is what they give you.
I am very much following this wonderfully composed new brand and I am falling in love with their slightly "more affordable" label MARK + JAMES which is a more modern and edgy yet sophisticated side to Badgley Mischka.
This duo have definitely got me watching their every move and loving it all!

( p.s. see all the collection here: )

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Diamond!

I have long had a style crush on the fabulous Marina Diamandis... ever since i saw her hooded jumpsuit at LFW!
I am loving her little style diary she is keeping on where I can watch her every style move this month!
I love her style and although at times i have to say i question the thought behind her outfits.... don't we all wish we had the balls to go out dressed in a hippo dress?!
Her stage outfits are equally as gorgeous, from draped maxis, to sparkly hot pants as she channels whatever she likes!
I am also very glad to see she is rocking the Barbour on her vogue style diary ( I think I know who might be taking a sneaky peak at temperley's up and coming collaboration!)
seriously, I love her!

Monday, 1 November 2010

FNI: zodiac scarfs!

Fashion's night in is in full swing and so is the cold weather it seems! no worries... Amanda Wakeley has just launched a specially designed fabulous collection of zodiac scarfs!
These fabulous scarfs are digitally printed but look as though they have been painted on by hand.With the appropriate picture and text denoting the expected qualities of each sign we can all be sure where we stand!
All this and they are made from  deliciously soft cashmere!

Scorpio for me please!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Isla Moda!!

Yes, it is true!!!
The fabulous fashion enigma that is Mr Karl Lagerfeld is now designing an island!!
He has teamed up with luxury KOR hotel group and the achitecture group Oppenhiem to design and build its 3 luxury hotels and 150 villas! On top of all that, the lucky stars that get to grace its shores will be able to swan about its fabulous boutiques and truly get in a bit off therapy (retail, that is!).
Not content with all that though... it is only 20km of the coast of Dubai!.... so they can always take a quick trip across the water if a whole fashion island does not satisfy their needs!
He has truly outdone himself this time and we will see it all by 2014.... cant wait!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Brick Lane!

Whilst escaping from a rather disappointing college trip to origins craft fair in Spittalfields market... I found vintage!!! We started off by wandering in to Hurwundeki where we found loads of gorgeous accessories and vintage shoes on the ground floor! But then we found the basement.... and the real vintage! There was everything from fur jackets (yes... real fur!) to military blazers and tassled leather bombers! We also found the new collection from the fabulous design team which claims to offer a fit which is snug and flattering and they definately do that!... with the most gorgeous materials going!

We then moved on to the real deal... Brick Lane! I have never been before but I will definately be going back! I found multiple fur coats and and vintage boots in ROKIT VINTAGE  which have been added to my wish list. overall I thought this trip was really inspiring and has given me lots of new ideas!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Biba Fever!

60's and 70's fashion phenomenon BIBA is back! Not that I was around to experience the apparently gorgeous first time round but it seems better than ever! After starting off as a mail order company and finding success with a little gingham dress Biba climbed up the fashion ladder, ending up in its fabulous shop in Kensington back in the day! Biba claims to be for the fashion-savvy of today and with Daisy Lowe as it's face I reckon it is doing pretty well!
From fabulous faux fur, day dresses and cute cardies to luxurious evening gowns it looks like Biba is well and truly here to stay! It is available exclusively in house of Fraser and I am sure it will be snapped up in no time... shame my budget wont stretch that far! But I have put my favourite below, enjoy!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

outerwear as ...... Outerwear!

Gone are the days of worrying about ruining a gorgeous outfit with an ugly, swamping coat as this season's offerings are fabulous and anyone can find the perfect jacket for them whatever shape, size or style you are!
Alongside the standard, clean tailored, double breasted jackets that we all know and love we have been offered the likes of shearling lined aviator jackets, faux fur coats!!, cocoon jackets, leather bikers and did I mention it is now acceptable to wear capes!
Personally I shall be hunting for a fur coat to wrap up in and look glamorous at the same time! Chanel has definately shown me the way although I do not think I shall be going as far as the yetti boots! For those with a little more edge there are some fabulous biker jackets and shearling aviator jackets up for grabs on the high street in topshop and h&m. The soft fur (whilst keeping out the cold) gives a delicate aspect to the bite of a biker and looks like the perfect balance!

Moving on to the most exciting thing in outerwear this season,  the cape! yes we may drape ourselves without shame in whatever style of cape takes our fancy, although I am thinking it may take a while for this trend to really take off!
The late, great Alexander McQueen!
So get hunting and find yourself a gorgeous jacket (or cape!) to ward off the cold, althoug for your own goood please stay away from the down jackets, they are not flattering for anyone!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Exhibit A

This season the hottest shoe in town is the clog, everyone seems to have been caught by the clogobsession this season and I really have no idea why! In my opinion they throw elegance out the window and are definately best left in holland! For me they are reminiscent of my childhood years and do absolutely nothing for an outfit. All the highstreet stores are championing them after following the lead of the designers and giving clogs in alll shapes and sizes; with heels, with studs, with buckles but to be honest there is nothing they can do make a clog look good!
I say ban the the clog!

Monday, 23 August 2010


Whilst high-end fashion is clearly what we all aspire to own, until you get there, we all need our own style!
In my opinion D.I.Y. is one of the best ways to get this as although you can mix and match different styles to your hearts content to make your own... someone is always bound to have the same garment as you!
I thought I would give you a perfect and simple example of D.I.Y. fashion in the shape of gorgeous Lucy! All she has done is cut her cute, little t-shirt but it makes look totally different and gives it a little edge to go with it's cheeky slogan! So get customizing people! Cut a t-shirt, slash a jean, add a braid, just make it yours my darlings!
P.S. welcome to my world!

Friday, 20 August 2010

All Hail House of Holland!

Whilst I would LOVE to live in the 40s and strut about in cute little hats and gloves all the time Louis Vuitton is not really a practical choice for everyday wear in my world, so I thought I would bring us all a little more down to earth!
I have loved Henry Holland ever since I found out about him but I have to say his latest collection is fabulous even by his standards! Hollands clothes are cool and inspiring with his cute, basic slogan tees emblazoned with acronyms like "I.Y.F." (In Your Face) paired with bodycon skirts and suspenders! You can really see the girl he is designing for in his clothes as the models swagger down the catwalk... almost smiling!...really wearing the clothes and taking control. The way that the label is willing to let girl wear the clothes rather than making them wear her is really refreshing and I think a sign of a good label that the clothes ehance the girl rather than  make her!
Not one to shirk, we see Holland displaying his diversity and giving us beautifully tailored jackets and fabulous patterns to liven up the whole collection.This really is laid back at its best!! But coming even more down to Earth I am loving Holland's concession line in Debenhams at the moment. Somehow he manages to capture the festival ethos in one collection with gorgeous playsuits,blouses and blazers reminding us that there is more beyond the field! We see his love of pattern coming back here and of course his classic slogan tees. But more than that I want his fabulous tassled work boots because like the man himself...I love a tassle! Basically check out his blog and see for me you will love it! 

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

In the Beginning...

Here we go....
Basically my interest in fashion really began a few years ago whilst doing a project on 1940s fashion. That is really where I found my love of the clean cut "new look" style. so I thought that the "ravishing" new Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2010-11 collection from Marc Jacobs was a fabulous place to start!

Perfectly located at the classic Louvre around its circular fountain the fabulous new collection took the audience back to the era when the "new look" was revolutionising fashion! Of course Mr Jacobs gets many congratulations from me on the use of more regular sized models...(including Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington Whiteley) I feel myself be swept back to 40s and wanting to exert my womanhood!

With an abundance of full skirts and beautifully crafted handbags we can see that Mr Jacobs' eye was most definately on the finer details this season (the finer details being the quality of the leather upon which the classic LV stamp was emblazaned) At first sight, even down to the imaculate grooming, the collection makes the stunning models look like sweet 1940s society girls but look beyond the classic tailoring and tweed an you will realise the womanly models spilling over their dresses and letting out the cheeky side of Jacob's (and why not!)  Then we see Jacobs at his best whilst the tailored jackets display pleated shoulders and an obvious flair for tailoring.

Finally,the luxury of the period was shown off with a stunning row of evening dresses including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a fabulous chiffon gown with indulgent drapes of material and sparkles!
To me this collection really stands out.... in short... I wanna live in the Jacobs 40s!