Saturday, 11 June 2011

A walk in the shade!

This s/s hats are making a comeback, and personally I believe this is no bad thing!
In my opinion we should go back to the days when no one left the house without one. I will be on the look out for the perfect summer hat to keep me shaded this summer, but for now, here are some of my favourites!

Available at the "touch" concept store, but the kind of effortless yet gorgeous thing that yestadt millinery produces.

Catarzi wide brim, why not go all out ?!

ASOS felt fedora

Juicy couture trilby

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Style crush.....Jessie J

Jessie J is Essex's  truest straight-talking star who is only going up in the world! After receiving the critics choice award at the 2011 BRIT AWARDS she was well and truly hailed the one to watch. Jessie has written several successful tracks for other singers, such as "Party in the U.S.A." for teen-pop sensation Miley Cyrus but after many a trials and tribulations she has finally broken through and has got everyone lusting after her debut album "who you are" which includes gritty tunes to give some raw girl-power such as  "do it like a dude" , more experimental tunes like big-band-esque  "Mama knows best" and fresh pop like "price tag" .

But it isn't just Jessie's music which has got the public eye watching her like a gossip starved journalist, Jessie's style is drawing attention as well. Her trademark skyscraper heels and jazzy tights are quickly establishing her as a style icon in the making! Jessie styles quite a lot of her outfits herself and when asked if she styled herself responded "I did!  I've got a personality." showing her confident spirit that the fashion and music worlds have come to know and love! Standing at 5ft 9" Jessie masters the stage wherever she is and  takes over in her various outfits 
"Even if it's 20 minutes I'll take control of it because that is my time. It's when I come to life. It's just me, my heels and my mic."
 Here are a few of my favorites from Jessie's various appearances........

Whilst I'm on the subject Anna Trevelyan styled Jessie in both "do it like a dude" and "no body's perfect" videos. she has the true grit that runs throughout Jessie's style and sees where originality becomes brilliance but also where it becomes ridiculous. Furthermore, she embraces change ....which is what Jessie is all about!

Anna's simple styling with a harsh corset.

Anna herself ... the ridiculous and the sublime

Overall, I think Jessie is one to watch and will enjoy watching the world try to run alongside her. I will leave you with a quote from Jessie herself......
"I feel ready, now steady and go are catching up with me."

Friday, 22 April 2011


As well as raving about all my fashion crushes and favorite collections on here I have now started a new joint blog .... check it out at . We have combined our collective fashion interest to bring you a variety of different posts and we hope that our love for fashion will shine through.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


"bonne mani√®re. "It means to be properly dressed; I can't fight what I like." " is how Guillaume Henry at Carven described his fall 2011  collection. Henry seems to have stuck with what he knows and loves in the ladylike silhouettes of his collection which seems to have succeeded in appearing both proper and engaging at the same time. His cuts of the double-breasted jacket and the lampshade skirt are classic whilst being completely modern due to details like the arches in the hips of the jacket and the crescent moon slits above the breasts of the otherwise demure black dress.

After launching just two years ago Carven has enjoyed great sucess due to his effortlessly chic clothes which have been described as "brainy bourgeois" with Henry's perfect balance of propriety and avant-garde hitting all the right notes.
Definitely one of my favorite collections of this season.

( To see the whole collection go to )

Thursday, 24 February 2011

So! I am still digesting all the jaw-dropping collections that have hit the runway in the past couple of weeks, not to mention the runways they hit!
BUT... I think I have a current favourite....Jason Wu.
Wu truly stepped up this season with his signature seamless elegance infused in some places with a slightly luxury sportswear flavour. With everything from classic suits to indulgent tulip dresses to the breathtaking finale of his vibrant red column dress Wu is said to have been inspired by
" the beautiful photographs from Robert Polidori's book Parcours Museologique Revisite, which documents the restoration process of Versailles over a 25-year period. I love the contrast between the opulent decors with the raw materials seen mid-construction."

 clearly you can see the inspiration in the guilded mirror lined runway and the grandiose chandeliers in boxes giving an opulence otherwise requiring an extravagant venue.

Personally, my favourite piece was the slit charcoal column dress, and hey if Wu was once good enough for the first lady herself....then he is more than divine for me!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund Winner 2011!!!!

Christopher Kane has been graciously hailed the winner of the 2011 BFC/VOGUE  Fashion Fund!
This prestigious award is no doubt one which many new designers would give anything to receive but despite tough competition Kane managed to snap it up! Not only does the lucky winner get the recognition that comes alongside being crowned the Fashion Fund winner and invaluable mentoring they also receive £200,000 to boost their flourishing business!

As I said the competition was definitely well chosen and made it a true achievement for Kane to win. Here are just a few of my favorite competitors: Charlotte Dellal for Charlotte Olympia, Peter Pilotto and Nicholas Kirkwood.
Nicholas Kirkwood

Charlotte Olympia

Peter Pilotto

Kane's business really is blooming whilst after his stunning St.Martins graduate collection in 2006 he has been eagerly watched by many a fashionista.... and he definitely has not disappointed! He is fast becoming one of those in competition to be called one of the future greats and never struggles to fill the front row with people reported to have been sitting on the stairs to catch his debut collection and since then he constantly creates new and exciting collections using everything from floral patterns to tough denim. Kane really is a deserving winner and if Alexandra Shulman says so... who am I to argue?! 
"I am delighted that Christopher has won the second BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund Award," Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman said. "The shortlist was very strong and we were impressed by the level of talent which was inspiring. Christopher and Tammy have worked immensely hard and it is wonderful to see a designer with his vision and commitment rewarded."

S/S '011

Graduate collection

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Coucou Heart!

I discovered this little brand at a craft fair and loved their kitsch little vintage inspired jewellery!
With everything from messages in bottles, to dismantled clock pendants, to vintage medal of honour style brooches this gorgeous line feels like it is stuck in a wonderful time warp!
Coucou Heart has mastered taking lost little items and mixing them together to create something beautiful which is what I love about the brand! They seem to have a talent for creating things which make you feel like you have had them all your life.
 My personal favourite are the messages in bottles which I saw at the fair, each piece seems totally unique and I love the fact it is not just another plastic jewellery brand with garish colours and tacky fake gems!
Vintage watch face and old Guernsey double steampunk brooch
Vintage enamel Pilgrim pin badge
Magic potion necklace
Glass eye necklace

Coucou Heart shop