Friday, 20 August 2010

All Hail House of Holland!

Whilst I would LOVE to live in the 40s and strut about in cute little hats and gloves all the time Louis Vuitton is not really a practical choice for everyday wear in my world, so I thought I would bring us all a little more down to earth!
I have loved Henry Holland ever since I found out about him but I have to say his latest collection is fabulous even by his standards! Hollands clothes are cool and inspiring with his cute, basic slogan tees emblazoned with acronyms like "I.Y.F." (In Your Face) paired with bodycon skirts and suspenders! You can really see the girl he is designing for in his clothes as the models swagger down the catwalk... almost smiling!...really wearing the clothes and taking control. The way that the label is willing to let girl wear the clothes rather than making them wear her is really refreshing and I think a sign of a good label that the clothes ehance the girl rather than  make her!
Not one to shirk, we see Holland displaying his diversity and giving us beautifully tailored jackets and fabulous patterns to liven up the whole collection.This really is laid back at its best!! But coming even more down to Earth I am loving Holland's concession line in Debenhams at the moment. Somehow he manages to capture the festival ethos in one collection with gorgeous playsuits,blouses and blazers reminding us that there is more beyond the field! We see his love of pattern coming back here and of course his classic slogan tees. But more than that I want his fabulous tassled work boots because like the man himself...I love a tassle! Basically check out his blog and see for me you will love it! 

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