Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Coucou Heart!

I discovered this little brand at a craft fair and loved their kitsch little vintage inspired jewellery!
With everything from messages in bottles, to dismantled clock pendants, to vintage medal of honour style brooches this gorgeous line feels like it is stuck in a wonderful time warp!
Coucou Heart has mastered taking lost little items and mixing them together to create something beautiful which is what I love about the brand! They seem to have a talent for creating things which make you feel like you have had them all your life.
 My personal favourite are the messages in bottles which I saw at the fair, each piece seems totally unique and I love the fact it is not just another plastic jewellery brand with garish colours and tacky fake gems!
Vintage watch face and old Guernsey double steampunk brooch
Vintage enamel Pilgrim pin badge
Magic potion necklace
Glass eye necklace

Coucou Heart shop

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  1. oooh I just love these pieces, especially the potion necklace and the eye necklace. How surreal!

    I have awarded you the "Stylish Blogger" award on my blog. Check it out...